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Is there a boys and a girls program?
Yes, SYLA does offer a program for boys and girls.  Registrations received will determine how many teams at each level.
What age groups does Stoneham Youth Lacrosse offer?
There are 5 levels of youth lacrosse offered in Stoneham.  Please note, starting in 2018 MBYLL/MBGYL changed the level naming convention.  It is noted below.  
A developmental program offered for Kindergarten and pre-school aged players.  This age group is not offered at the league level but limited games are organized with surrounding towns offering the same age group.
U-09 starting in 2018 will be called Level 1/2
For 1st and 2nd graders that are mostly new to the sport.  This program offers a weekly practice and league games on Sundays.  Focus on basic fundamentals of the game while having fun at the same time. 
U-11 starting in 2018 will be called Level 3/4
For 3rd and 4th graders.  Practices are twice a week with league games on Sundays.  Field is shortened and no long sticks or hitting is allowed.
U-13 starting in 2018 will be called Level 5/6
For 5th and 6th graders.  This level introduces regular lacrosse rules.  Defense is allowed modified long poles and body checks are introduced and must be controlled with no “take out” checks permitted.
U-15 starting in 2018 will be called Level 7/8
For 7th and 8th graders.  This team is in preparation of high school and is much more competitive.  New players are still welcome and encouraged. 
What is the cost?
The registration fees are as follows;
ALL NEW Players - $100
Returning Players:
U07 $100
U09 $100
U11 $125
U13 $150
U15 $175
6 sessions of indoor pre-season skills are included.  The fee does not include an MBYLL Membership fee of $40 for boys, a US Lacrosse Membership fee of $30 for girls, or team uniform. Team equipment (nets, balls, practice jerseys, etc), Jamboree entrance fee, referee fees and league fees are all included.
Why are registrations so early?
We are required to notify MBYLL and MBGYLL how many teams we will have at each level in December so they can begin scheduling our games.  
What is the time commitment?
The regular season runs from April 1st (weather dependent) through Mid-June.  
There are generally two practices per week in the evenings lasting 1-1/2 hours and games on Sundays*.
There are (8) regular season games, all played on Sundays.  Plus the optional MBYLL Jamboree in mid-June in Devens, which is three abbreviated games in a single day.  The MBYLL Jamboree is the biggest Youth Lacrosse tournament in the country. 
*Note – we were successful last year in moving our Sunday games to late morning/early afternoon for the most part to avoid conflicts with Soccer. 
Are all the games in Stoneham?  Who do we play against?
Each team should play at least 8 games between April 1st and the second weekend of June. Some of the games will be home and others will be away.  We play against the surrounding towns as far as Tyngsboro.  Home games are played at Stoneham High School and away games are played at the town we are playing.
How much is the equipment?
Boys' packages are between $150-$250 or more and girls packages are about $150.  Some packages do include a lacrosse stick.
What equipment is needed?
  Lacrosse Helmet
  Shoulder Pads
  Elbow Pads
  Mouth Guard
  Mouth Guard
Please inform us if you would like to help, as we are all volunteers running Stoneham Youth Lacrosse. No Lacrosse experience is required!